Regional Leaders Team Innerforce 2020

Editor’s Note: The following is a compilation with some of the briefs stories of our Regionals Leaders Team Innerforce 2020 and some of their personal and team goals. We want to thank you all for accepting this amazing challenge!



I`m Brandon Taylor, I am 26 and I live in Spanish Fork – Utah. I have been married for 5 years and have 2 little girls! I have been doing triathlon for just over a year.
My main goal for our team is to have each member feel cared about, feel like they can have someone to talk to when things get hard. Have a support system whenever possible at a race they are doing (regardless of where people live) I want to try and be there for my team!







I am 24 And live in Houston, Texas. I’ve been doing triathlons for the past 5 years and I have a very supportive family that loves a good competition. My dad is the best Sherpa there is and my mom takes great pictures for me to look back at along the way.

Some Goals for 2020:

  • To find an area you are not strong in or don’t know a lot about and make it a priority this season. Mine would be nutrition.
  • Become more familiar with what your body is telling you.
  • Set your own season and race goals and find someone on the team/ or your family to hold you accountable.






My name is Jen Chadwick and I am 39 yrs old or in the 40-44 USAT age group! I live in Gulf Breeze, FL with my husband and 2 kids. We are an active bunch as the kids are 6 and 8 and getting into sports themselves. I have been racing triathlon since 2015. A friend had me take up cycling to help with clearing the mind and when I won 3rd place in a 26mile race after only cycling for a few weeks, I was picked up for a relay tri team. I have done Triathlon since. My personal goal for 2020 is to finish proudly in my first Full Ironman in April and to continue with a great season through the fall.  My goal for the Innerforce team is to race strong and support each other regardless of venue, location or competitive level.  We are one. We are Innerforce!








 I’m Laura Lynn Williams, 27 years old, from Nashville, TN.  Outside of triathlon, I spend as much time as possible with my three-legged-dog Timber, playing around at Crossfit Trivium, and working as a police officer.  This is my second year with Team Innerforce and my 4th year of Triathlon. My first race was a half Ironman in New Orleans because I’m not a great planner. It kicked my butt and I fell in love with the challenge.

My goal race this year is Age Group Nationals – which I’m hoping will turn into a big Team Innerforce weekend. I’ll be focusing more on short distance after just completing my first Ironman.

My motivation now is to bring as many people into the triathlon/fitness journey with me. This year my mom, who has never been into fitness, really started taking her health seriously. I learned recently that her motivation was seeing me race and being able to keep up as a spectator on race days.






CAYLA BELLAMY – Regional Leader MIDWEST (North and Center)

Cayla Bellamy is an age group triathlete (33) and a college music professor living in Waterloo, Iowa with her speedy marathon husband and two four-legged friends. She has been racing amateur triathlon for five seasons, most recently setting a new personal best of 5:09 at the half iron distance at IM 70.3 Steelhead. Her goals for the Team and the Midwest Region of Innerforce this season are to develop mindful, informed approaches to both training and racing so we can all achieve both higher performance and greater life balance.







My name is Travis Thome and I`m 30 years old. I live in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania with my wife Amy and my two daughters Joslyn and Savannah and my two dogs Ruby and Wrangler. This will be my 3rd year of completing triathlon races. Some of my Team Innerforce 2020 goals are: meet as many other team members as possible in person, help increase the awareness of the brand, increase the commitment of athletes to become an Innerforce supporter.  I want Team Innerforce to be associated with top-level apparel on top-level athletes.







MICHAEL SCHWARTZ – Head of Virtual

My name is Michael Schwartz, 26y/o, and my beautiful wife Stephanie, amazing daughter Annabelle, and I live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have been doing triathlons now for 10 years. I dove headfirst into the triathlon world because starring at the black line as a swimmer only wasn’t enough anymore. Stephanie, my wife now of 3 years is constantly yelling at me; as I go into the water, into T1, on the bike, into T2, and as I run across the finish. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My main goal for the 2020 season is to break the 5hr mark at IM 70.3 Des Moines and then to have a strong showing at Age Group Nationals Olympic and Sprint.






Check out US Map and see which of our Regional Leaders will guide you during 2020



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