How to improve your running technique

No matter if you are an amateur or a professional runner, is always important monitoring your running technique to be in continuous improvement of your performance as an athlete.

In other disciplines people look for a coach to help them to improve their techniques, but in running, as is a physical activity that people do since childhood is supposed that they know how to run, so they start to train for a race giving special attention in to be faster and run more than in the technique.

Improving your running technique and avoid common mistakes in runners

Running is an aggressive discipline to the body, especially for the knees, and if you do not have the right technique,  increases the risk of suffering injuries or the race performance is affected. So, the first advice is to realize that it is no about running more but smarter.

Running with the right technique will help you to avoid injuries, to be faster and to save energy.


Foot strike


The debate about which is the better foot strike is ongoing. Many analyses from biomechanics experts have determined that of the three foot strike in runners (heel strike, midfoot strike and forefoot strike) the one that produces the minimum impact is the midfoot strike, in second place is the forefoot strike and the most aggressive: the heel strike.

Heel strike is too aggressive with our body because when we do it our heel have to support three or two times our weight, it also reduces our speed because the contact of the heel with the ground brake our race. Curiously, is the most common mistake, because when we try to run faster we do larger steps, ignoring that what we have to do is increase the frequency.

This runner explains very good why is bad the heelstrike

Wrong arms position

Many people do not know what to do with their arms, often maintain them so close or so far from the body. The right position is keeping the hands at the waist level, the arms have to do a 90° angle with the elbows at the side of the body,  shoulders have to be low and relaxed and the rhythm is following the natural balance back and forth.

Body position

While running your hips have to be high, the body has to be in a straight position with the head high and the eyes looking forward.


3 Beginner runner mistakes


Wearing the wrong clothes

Some people think that clothing is a needless topic, but this is not true.

Clothing for runners is specialized. Some runners wear too much or too little clothing for weather conditions, this can affect body temperature producing discomfort or illness related to body temperature.

Runners should wear technical fabrics such as DryFit, Thinsulate, Thermax, CoolMax, polypropolene, or silk. Innerforce offers you high-quality clothing for athletes. 

Wear the wrong running shoes is also common, and can lead to running injuries. If you go to a specialized store them will help you to get your ones.


To avoid side stitches beginner runners do not drink enough water, but they underestimate how many fluids they lose in running.

To sort this problem runners have to pay attention to how many water they are drinking not only during the training but before and after. There are simple rules to check this (we will talk about it next posts)


Some runners are under hard training routines, they run every day and run many miles, but they ignore that rest for recover is as important as training. If you do not rest enough it will affect your performance.

Our last but not least advice is to do a video analysis session with your mates and a coach and you will learn how to improve your running technique watching your, and your mate’s performance.