We all know that when it comes to time trials every second counts. With our TT Speedsuit, you will get the best in aerodynamics and breathability to make every push count. Light and Italian fabrics will provide a tight fit to help you get your best times and provide you with maximum support to achieve your best performance.

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Intended for High-Performance Racing, Training and Riding


• Top front: MASS-APEFT

• Top back/pocket: APOLLO-APEFT

• Sleeves: ASTERIA fom Italy M.I.T.I

• Bottom Non-Print Part: B.R.OCEAN-EF

• Hem:8cm TP band

• Zip: YKK full zipper

• Pattern: Pro 3D cut

• Pad: 18# RD-TOUR pad

• Seam: Flatlock sewing

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  1. Choose your item and style and get started with only 50% deposit.
  2. You get a free professional design within 2 business days.
  3. Once you approve the final design, you make the second payment
  4. We start production to get your custom made gear ready! Our usual lead time is around 4 weeks from when we get the final design approved.
  5. Once it's ready, we ship it straight to your door!!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we can't design something you love, we'll refund your deposit.


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