The 7 most common mistakes to avoid in training

  1. Under & Over Training. Again, your training is your training. Try not to miss or do more than prescribed.
  2. Understanding your Training. Spend 15′ minutes each week looking at your upcoming week training.
  3. “Key” workouts. Those are the most important workouts of your training. If you feel like missing one day, miss the easy days but not the “key” workouts days.
  4. Not Staying in your Zones. Once you are tested, you should know your zones.
  5. Going too hard on easy days.
  6. Racing long distances before you are ready. There is a logical sequence to follow and that is starting with short distances and slowly gradually go increasing. I suggest Triathletes to do a IRONMAN 70.3 distance at least on their third year of consecutive training and the Full IRONMAN distance after experiencing few 70.3 distances. Same deal for the Runners planning to do Marathons. I suggest to start with 5 & 10 K, then few 13.1 before a 26.2 distance. What I mean with “consecutive” training is NO interruptions, mainly with injuries.
  7. Don’t underrate race distances as a 5 K or a Sprint Distance Triathlon. The whole Run & Triathlon industry is pushing you to run a Marathon and to do an IRONMAN. In my opinion, you don’t need to be an IRONMAN to be a Triathlete and don’t need to do a Marathon to be a Runner.

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