The Off-Season Structure 

It’s now January, and the motivation to train for your the new year is probably at an all-time high.  Taking that motivation into consideration it’s important that we structure things in a way which will help to keep you motivated, moving forward/progressing, injury free and most importantly having fun.

 One of our most important pieces of advice to athletes is that consistency is the single most important aspect of a training program!  Sure it’s nice to see those big monster days every once in a while…but what was the purpose if after completing one of those days you have to take 3-4 days off or super easy to recover?

 When we are talking with our athletes we stress the off-season is a time to work on a weakness you may have (maybe swim/bike/run/strength), while not forgetting the other aspects of your sport.  One important piece is to make sure you’re doing things which are fun!  So if you live in a colder climate where there may be access to snow…hit the slopes, or snowshoe, or fat bike, or xc skiing…those are all great ideas to help you build fitness and keep things fun.  If you’re in an area where there isn’t necessarily snow and the temperature is milder then hit up the mountain bike trails, do some trail running, join a bootcamp class once a week, do something out of your comfort zone.

For those of you who are super type A…and that’s likely many of you…here is some simple advice.  If you want to maintain where your fitness is in a certain area do that sport 2-3 sessions a week, if you want to improve in a certain area then knock out 4-5 sessions a week.  Now be reasonable with that…remember consistency trumps all.  A greater frequency in a particular sport often has greater returns than the longer duration but less frequent sessions.  What I mean is you’re better off running 30 minutes 5 times a week, than doing 2 runs of 60 minutes.

A sample week in the off-season may look something like this:

Monday – Swim + Strength Session

Tuesday – Interval Bike Session + Short Run

Wednesday – Swim + Run

Thursday – Interval Bike Session + Strength

Friday – Swim (or day off)

Saturday – Bike/Run Brick (keep it short…60′ bike/30′ run)

Sunday – **Your choice** Work on your weakness…maybe it’s another swim, bike, run…or something fun with friends/family

Now that may be more than some people are willing to do…and that’s TOTALLY fine!!!  Basically, the idea is to make sure you are active, you’re working on your weakness, you’re staying motivated…and most of all…YOU’RE HAVING FUN!


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  • Andrew

    Big fan of this thought, and this is often what keeps me going. Especially if I do not have time to get in the session that I wanted to, I know that as long as i do something, and keep that consistency going, I will be better off than skipping what I had planned on doing! Thanks!

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